Nancy Mead Award 2010

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The Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T) is pleased to announce the awarding of the first Nancy Mead Award for Excellence in Software Engineering Education to Dr. Mary Shaw, of Carnegie Mellon University. The award will be presented this year at the 23rd CSEE&T which is being held at Carnegie Mellon University.

Mary Shaw is being honored for her contributions that have helped lead to the establishment of the software engineering discipline. Her word has strongly influenced undergraduate, graduate and professional education, as well as professional practice. She has published numerous papers in various areas of software engineering, many of which have been seminal. Her 1990 IEEE Software paper, "Prospects for an engineering discipline of software" is particularly noteworthy. She also contributed in important ways to the undergraduate curriculum SE2004 and the graduate curriculum GSwERC.

The Nancy Mead Award is presented annually at CSEE&T to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to software engineering education and training, as well as to the related area of software engineering professionalism. Contributions may include, but are not limited to: service to the community, papers, reports, books, tools, techniques and media for software engineering education, and outstanding practice of teaching that has been witnessed by the community at large. Contributions should have had an influence over an extended period of time at the international level.

The award is named in honor of Nancy Mead, the founding Steering Committee Chair of the Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training.

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