Reinventing Software Engineering Education

From CSEET 2010
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Reinventing Software Engineering Education

and a proposal for creating a Learning by Example Handbook of SE Education

Keynote talk by Professor Raj Reddy


In this talk we review what we know about the science of learning and the technology of learning and how 21st century learning will be transformed through the use of Information and Communication Technologies. The basic rule will be options for flexible learning or learning “as you like it”: independent of location, age, handicaps, or schedule; access to educational materials so that each learner can discover the best learning style that suits them i.e., customized educational programs for everyone and learning “just in time”.

In the second part of the talk we will highlight how Software Engineering is ideally suited and learnt using these principles of Learning to Learn, Learning by Doing, Learning by Example, Just-in-Time Learning, Self-Paced Learning, and Learning By Simulation.